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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I try Unity for free?

Yes. You can try a 4-week product evaluation period, during which we will help you and your team to evaluate and test Unity. Product evaluations are provided at no cost and include training & support.

What do I need to use Unity?

Since Unity is a web-based solution, the only requirement is internet access and a device with a web browser.

Do you provide training?

Yes. We train internal staff, preferably on-site. Training is usually finalised during the first two weeks of a product evaluation period.

Is Unity only for sectional title schemes?

No. Unity can be used to manage any residential complex, including HOA’s, as well as other types of properties that require a significant amount of administration.

Can Unity integrate with existing systems?

Probably. We can provide API’s to get data in and out of Unity. Please contact us about your integration use cases.

Can you add an additional feature I need?

Probably. Unity’s development is driven by our clients’ needs, and enhancements to the platform are made almost every week. As long as we can implement new functionality in a manner that all our clients can benefit from it, we will likely add it. Please get in touch so we can talk about your needs.