Who is Unity For

Helping property managers, administrators and maintenance managers be more efficient and organised.

Are you involved with any aspect of managing a property or community scheme? Whether it’s managing the day-to-day operations, overseeing the general maintenance of an estate or being a trustee in your complex. Unity is here to make your life easier and your workload 100% more efficient. 

Unity is a property management software for managing agents and estate managers, assisting all key stakeholders including:

  • Managing agents
  • Estate managers and estate management companies
  • Property managers and property management companies
  • Trustees
  • Property owners and tenants
  • Service providers

Our software offers a cloud-based system that can handle the challenges of multiple daily maintenance requests and frequent project updates, while keeping an accurate history of approvals along the way.

Property management software for managing agents & estate managers

Unity is used by managing agents and estate managers to effectively run hundreds of sectional title and HOA complexes. Our web-based software gives teams of portfolio managers a set of features that makes it easy to keep track of large amounts of customer queries, maintenance work and other tasks involved in servicing complexes.

We know how hectic it can be to service large estates. Our software is there to keep things running smoothly, especially during the busy times!

Get a competitive edge when going out for your next property management pitch by stating that you use our body corporate management software. It’s helped our clients win tenders, and can do the same for you!

What our clients say

“Mentioning Unity in our presentations when we tender for a complex has given us the upper hand. Originally Unity was our maintenance tracking system. We took it to the next level and made it a financial invoice tracker as well. You guys have been able to accommodate us and have customised it for us. Thank you!” – Helen, EEM2

“Unity currently assists us with making daily management and tracking of payments via the ticket system easy. I don’t only use it to track queries, but also as a follow up tool, tracking +-15 queries a month.” – Marlene Maree, Bluegrass Lifestyle Real Estate (Pty) Ltd

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